Dolly. New Paltz, New York. 25 July 2007, spring 2015. Oil on canvas, 54 x 40 inches.






Recent publications:

More Collected Couteau received a glowing review from the Midwest Book Review: "The joy of reading Couteau's works lies as much in his penetrating, crystalline language as it does in the works or figures being examined, and so readers receive a wide-ranging treat that examines victims, vengeance, mortality and immortality through an inspection process that educates even those unfamiliar with the subject [...] Readers seeking not just a literary presentation but a lively analysis of selected wordsmiths and their lives and influences must add More Collected Couteau to their reading lists. It's a powerful presentation that offers much insight and food for thought, and which should find its way into many a college classroom as well." See the complete review here. Available on amazon. March 2016

More Collected Couteau, was also reviewed by Publishers Weekly, BookLife: "Couteau's essays are informal, fervent, and well-versed examinations of the work or author at hand. At their best, they include fascinating insights into the significance of a writer like [Hubert] Selby.... The interviews are uniformly strong and include conversations with Michael Korda on T.E. Lawrence, Justin Kaplan on Walt Whitman, and Robert Roper on Vladimir Nabokov. Not all of them focus on literature: author Jeffrey Jackson covers the 1910 flood of Paris and why it's relatively forgotten, and Robert De Sena, in one of the best interviews, discusses his life as a gang member turned community activist. Couteau's passion and wealth of knowledge are obvious throughout the book ... and should appeal to many readers." February 2016

A Conversation with Robert Roper, author of Nabokov in America: On the Road to Lolita,” tygersofwrath.com, August 2015.

An Interview with Biographer James Dempsey, Author of The Tortured Life of Scofield Thayer,” tygersofwrath.com, July 2015.

When Feeling is First.' A Conversation with Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno About E. E. Cummings's Prose Masterpiece, The Enormous Room,” tygersofwrath.com, February 2015.

Couteau's Ray Bradbury interview was cited in the New York Times, April 16, 2015: Reclaiming the Age-Old Art of Getting Lost, by Stephanie Rosenbloom.